The Greater North Texas Orchid Society (GNTOS) is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of orchids all over the world.  GNTOS brings together people interested in the culture and propagation of orchids, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about orchids to the public.

We have regular monthly meetings (the first Sunday of every month) in which a featured speaker talks about an orchid topic (Genera, culture, etc); Orchids 101 for beginners, as well as plant show and tell and plant raffles.  Our meetings are located  at North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd., Dallas, TX 75230.  More details and a map are located here.

Whether you are an expert grower or just got your first orchid, we welcome all to visit  our monthly meetings and events!


November 2nd Meeting at 3:00pm

The November program on "Decoding Dendrobium:  The Surprising Orchids You Thought You Knew!" will be presented by Mark Reinke of Marble Branch Farms in the Blue Ridge Escarpment area of South Carolina.  Mark offers a comprehensive introduction to the genus, clarifying some of the native climates and cultural needs of dendrobs with which you may already have familiarity, and introducing you to some that are only now becoming more available commercially.  Hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised by how many of these new introductions would do well alongside your Phalaenopsis or Cattleya orchids, offering long lasting and colorful blooms.

Preorders are being offered which will save you tax and shipping - go to Mark's website (www.marblebranchfarms.com).  Select what you want and send your order to Mark at info@marblebranchfarms.com - your payment will be made at the November meeting.  DO NOT order online or you will be charged tax and shipping.  You may want to make sure you order before Oct. 24 to ensure receipt of your orchids at the meeting.

The 101 class at 2:30 will be a Question and Answer session led by Kathi McKenzie.


2015 Spring Orchid Show

Our spring show will take place in April 2015.  The AOS request form has been submitted for a show date of April 11-12, with setup on April 9-10.  Later this fall, you can find more details here about the show.

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