The Greater North Texas Orchid Society (GNTOS) is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of orchids all over the world.  GNTOS brings together people interested in the culture and propagation of orchids, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about orchids to the public.

We have regular monthly meetings (the first Sunday of every month) in which we have a featured speaker.  There is also an orchid table show and plant raffles.  Our meetings are located  at North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd., Dallas, TX 75230.  More details and a map are located here.

Whether you are an expert grower or just got your first orchid, we welcome all to visit  our monthly meetings and events!


Sept. 6 meeting (3pm)

Special Note:  Meetings will now begin at 3pm instead of 3:15! (Back to our original time)

Our show is coming up, so to prepare us for that, we have a special program "Orchid Show Preparation - Plants and Exhibit". given by long-time member and AOS judge, Linda Horton.  Linda will be helping us learn how to prepare our plants for the show, and how to create your own exhibit.  She has been an RN for over 40 years, mostly in Emergency Nursing.  She is an American Orchid Society accredited judge and enjoys attending out of town shows.  Linda has been growing orchids for over 25 years.

Orchids 101 will meet at 2:30 in the greenhouse.  Lorna Kissling will be talking about being "Bugged by Bugs".  Join us!


2015 Fall Orchid Show & Sale

Our show is almost here!  Plan on attending September 26-27 at Southfork Hotel in Plano.  There is no entry fee.  The show is open Saturday 9-5 and Sunday 10-4.  Click here to find out more!

Newest photos!

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