The Greater North Texas Orchid Society (GNTOS) is dedicated to the culture, protection,and appreciation of orchids all over the world.  GNTOS brings together people interested in the culture and propagation of orchids, and also serves an educational function in disseminating information about orchids to the public.

We have regular monthly meetings (the first Sunday of every month) in which we have a featured speaker.  There is also an orchid table show and plant raffles.  Our meetings are located  at North Haven Gardens, 7700 Northaven Rd., Dallas, TX 75230.  More details and a map are located here.

Whether you are an expert grower or just got your first orchid, we welcome all to visit  our monthly meetings and events!


November 6 meeting

REMEMBER:  Daylight Savings time ends early that Sunday morning.  Change your clocks or be an hour early!

The November program on "Beauties of Ecuador" will be presented by Dr. Judy Cook of Gunter, TX, who has been a member of the Society since 2005 and an accredited American Orchid Society Judge since 2002.  She has been growing orchids for over 30 years, a few thousand of which are currently growing in her 2100 square foot greenhouse!  Judy retired from a full-time psychiatry practice, and hopes to travel the world speaking on issues relating to both orchids and good mental health. 

Orchids 101 will be held at 2:30 PM in the greenhouse with Kathy McKenzie leading the discussion.

For our December meeting, we will have our 2nd orchid auction of the year - now is the chance to donate those duplicate orchids or ones that you would like to trade out and try something new!  We auction off all donated orchid related items and orchids in order to raise funds for the society.  These funds go toward things like our Spring show coming up next March.  So... look over your orchids and see if you can donate some.  Then come the first Sunday in December and plan on buying some new orchids!

Our next orchid show has been scheduled for March 2017.  Click here for more details as they become available!


Upcoming Regional Orchid Shows & Events  

(click on the links for more information)

Kansas Orchid Society Fall Orchid Show & Sale   November 5-6

Shreveport Orchid Society's Fall SWROGA Show  November 5-6

Acadian Orchid Society's 56th Annual Short Course   December 3

***GNTOS Spring Orchid Show & Sale   March 10-11, 2017***

Central East Texas Orchid Society Spring Orchid Show   April 1-3, 2017


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